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Your dating coach

Let’s just say when you have a baby you should know what to expect.5.

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Are you worried that time is running out or that it's too late for you to find love?This is a bad situation because he has a lack of drive or a lack of self motivation which is crucial in any relationship in order for you grow.3.Any type of physical abuse is a very clear sign he is a loser.If you have any questions about me or about my services please feel free to ask! Stop wondering if things will ever turn around for you, find out now if you should stop wasting your time and dealing with the pain of rejection.What you say yes to and more importantly, what you say no to are your personal boundaries and they are a necessary component for any healthy relationship.So if he still feels his rap career is about to take off and he does not have a demo yet, tell him to start the job hunt for a new career.

How can you put your trust in the hands of a man who is not realistic about how he plans to take care of himself? Do you leave home and he’s there and when you return he is still there to notify you that he “heard” about some job openings and he knows what you should cook for dinner?

Chivalry is not dead even towards the independent women.8.

Is he not concerned about his personal hygiene such as not cutting his hair, trimming his nails and or having a clean house?

Believe it or not most people know they can do better in terms of finding a better life partner. That statement I am sure does not come as much of a surprise.

Most of my clients are willing to go from man to man just to ensure they are not sleeping alone at night.

If he can not survive on his own and heavily relies on his family or your support you may be in for a man that is unfortunately still a boy! I usually always say with all of my advice these may not be clear indications of whatever the topic is but if he shows any of these signs you can guarantee that he is a loser.