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Must Check: Mingle2: Free Online Dating Service You can start using the site by simply logging on to it. In fact, the site in free membership is just a complete waste of time.

You’ll have to pay, and then you can do all of that as well as get higher search result placement.I was a non-paying member and got over, yes over, 145 messages in my inbox. The XDating app does have four stars for i Phone, but that’s only out of seven reviews — most of which seem fake.Once I became a paying member, I’d got zero, nada, zip, not a single reply to my messages. The bottom line is that, yes, XDating is free, offers affordable memberships, and has a lot of cool bells and whistles — but it’s hard to determine if it’s trustworthy and will work for you. Our experts have been in the dating industry for decades and have seen almost every site you could ever imagine, especially for hookups. Before you come to a conclusion about the sex dating site you want to use, you need to know what’s available.In terms of customer service, XDating does a pretty good job because you have a variety of ways to get in touch.You can use the contact form or email [email protected] XDating’s phone numbers are (661) 621-9083 and (800) 370-2832 (toll free).The site says they’ll match you as you like people and they like you back, but we’re not sure if that’s really the case — since we did a basic profile and still received matches.

You’re able to find matches on your own with search filters that allow you to sort by gender, location, age, who’s online now, username, and profiles with pictures.

Another helpful feature on XDating is Safe Mode, which is available to everyone.

When you switch on Safe Mode, all the nude and semi-nude photos are grayed out, and you can’t access the X-rated videos.

The cost is $29.95 a month for one month or $19.98 a month for three months, which you pay in a lump sum of $59.95.

Note: XDating does not have a refund policy, so if you end up canceling your membership, you won’t get that money back no matter the circumstance.

So you under this offer, you are required to pay fees of three months at once.