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Unlike most phishing scams pretending to be an account login notification, this email appears to be a receipt for a purchase for an Apple i Tunes film rental in CAD (Canadian dollars).The recipient is asked if they have “issues with this transaction? Sub-domain and file names don’t mean that they represent the real company! The link from View Folder points to a hacked toy website in Russia called

Where the heck are the Internet police when you need them. “Your social networking reputation has pre-qualified you to register with us…” It was sent to someone who’s social networking reputation is about as high as cow pasture meadow muffins.Plus, dating websites also provide users with different search results and notifications on a daily basis, making it even easier for you to find the one who can click with you on an emotional and personal level.The goal of secure and private chat rooms for singles is to provide individuals with a powerful platform where they can find the love of their lives regardless of what their religion is, where they come from, what their race, their orientation and culture.Can you tell which scam these are below; the vanity scam or the malicious mimic?They don’t even know your name but they salute your achievement? The top-level domain gdn was only just made available by ICANN on March 16, 2016.The value of such malicious hacking is Receiving an email from someone you know, especially a school or valued non-profit, is more likely to be trusted and result in the recipient clicking the malicious link.

This email, for example, with the subject line “View Document” leads the recipient to believe that the link is for a Google document.

The second email makes no effort to disguise the crazy links or the spammy text.

(The spammy text was actually copied from a March, 2015 essay on fish recognition and classification system published in Perhaps the scammers think that their domain Credit Care is enough to put aside any recipients suspicions. The domain was registered on June 2 by our archenemy Judy Santiago using and the domain is being hosted in the Netherlands. (We’ve written about Judy’s malicious emails in four recent newsletters! We’ve never seen scams targeting mothers with newborns. They routinely prey upon the sick, the poor, the addicted…. They prey upon mothers looking for healthy baby formula choices. ” Here are search results for Healthy Baby Formula. This domain was registered by our new friend in London named Hatton Garden.

We checked the ICANN registry for the domain that was used in this scam email and ICANN tells us that it was not registered!

Look for yourself: don’t even know HOW this is possible for criminals to misuse a new domain that ICANN itself says is not registered with Internet name servers.

(A Google search informs us that “Hatton Garden” is a London Jeweler, also a safe deposit company, and also the name of a street in London.) The domain was registered less than five hours before the email was sent using the heavily abused service called )Vanity scams are meant to appeal to the recipients ego as he or she is invited to join an “elite group of professionals” or some other ridiculous invitation.