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Who is cole sprouse currently dating

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Unfortunately, after three years of their dating relationship, the ex-couple split in August 2017.

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Dylan is now all grown up and has portrayed numerous roles in tons of movies and TV shows.Eventually, Dylan and Barbara started chatting and meeting and soon started their love story. I’ll save the sappiness for private but my life is better now.”Following their love affair, the couple also moved in together.Barbara talks about her love, Dylan also shared an Instagram post to talk about their anniversary. The news of their break-up traversed among fans when Dylan Sprouse’s ex-girlfriend, Dayna posted a picture on Instagram where she captioned ‘When you find out your bf cheated on you lol.’ She also deleted all the photos of her and Dylan from her Instagram.The controversy also ruined his image, and when his brother, Cole came to his defense, both the brothers were rejected by the film industry for quite some time. They both made a cute couple, and the fans loved them together.The couple also used to post pictures together on Instagram.The images surfaced on the internet and Dylan had to face a lot of problems.

Since the incident, the unknown girl disappeared from Dylan’s life.

Palvin states that Sprouse slid into her DMs and wrote, “Hey, I don’t know if you’re in New York for very long, but we shoudl hang out if you want to.

Here’s my number.” But, Palvin didn’t reply for six months.

The fans who shipped them together were entirely devastated to hear this news.

The couple first met at a party and then started following each other.

No, Jamie Lynn Spears, is dating and is 12 weeks pregnant by Casey Aldridge. No, Jamie is dating and is pregnant by Casey Aldridge.