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Who is cherry jones dating now

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“I could never watch it at night — it’s too scary for me. ”My quoting might not work so I also included the link."Please tell me Cherry Jones is not stoned on anything harsher than weed in this one minute interview.I live by myself, and little bumpy noises in the night are not for me. Please."All I can say is were I the first lady of the American theater having to give an interview touting "New Years Eve," I'd sure as shit get myself stoned on something a great deal harsher than weed.

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I read this darling little local news article about her and just have to share it.I think Cherry Jones is taking a bit of a break, eh?"Awake" was filmed last year and is just being aired now. And, thankfully she is no longer with Sarah Paulson at all.Sarah Paulson was on Craig Ferguson's show last night and was awfully weird. I just know that she hadn't any purple on in celebration of Spirit Day and that is about it. Cherry Jones is to theater what Meryl Streep is to film. Really hope that Cherry Jones has moved on from Sarah Paulson by now.Her upper lip has been pumped full of fillers like a mother fucker, though.[quote]Sarah Paulson was on Craig Ferguson's show last night and was awfully weird. Have no way of knowing if she has or not, but I really hope she has. One of my uncles has worked in theater for ages now (behind the scenes) and he adores working with her a very great deal.I've enjoyed every play I have ever been fortunate enough to see her in.

If I can pull it off I am going to see her at ART because I can only imagine what she will do in "The Glass Menagerie."Why hasn't she done more overall work? Cherry works pretty consistently; she describes herself as a "farm animal" - trained to do one thing and just keep going.

The time for Milliken’s coffee klatch with Jones hasn’t been firmed up yet, since Jones is currently filming a movie in Connecticut. I really wish I could go to it but I just plainly can't.

All this time there has been a Cherry Jones thread? If anyone knows about the art of period acting it sure as hell would be Cherry Jones. Hadn't a clue that there was a Cherry Jones thread!

The psycho rich sociopath murdering heiress she played was also off putting. So what does that say about Jones and her taste in women. It would kind of like be when straights divorce and remarry later on down the line. I am also hoping that "Awake" does not do really well because that way Cherry Jones can high tail it back to the theater.

I would love to see her play "Medea" or something equally as intense as that. Sarah lives alone now.[quote]“I couldn’t watch this show except during the day,” Sarah confesses.

I have a feeling Paulson is really trying to be a lot more hollywood with her recent move out to Cali.for her to sleep with some director guy who can take her places. I love Cherry Jones as an actress as well as a Bible Belt Gay very much.