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Who has it harder in dating

Assuming that further dates ensue, the guy needs to pull out his A-game to woo the woman and win her over.

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Women do not have this pressure, or have to take the lead in the same way.So what's the answer to this question - who has it harder in the dating game?As men and women, we have different roles to fulfil within a relationship and with that come different expectations and pressures.However, if a guy behaves in this manner, his manliness and suitability as a life partner come under scrutiny and criticism.For these reasons, Anil firmly holds that men definitely have it harder in the dating game. Ladies did you find this insightful, or do you think these guys are making much ado about nothing?Anil believes it starts with making the first move and despite how nerve racking it might be for a man, he has to come across as confident to stand any chance.

Assuming she says yes to a first date, the guy then has to arrange a suitable date.

However, it will be the woman who ultimately decides, which of the guys she will entertain, thereby rendering her possible suitors as powerless unless she decides otherwise.

Ayush, is in his late 20s and believes that men have it harder than women, as in today’s day and age, women have a bigger check-list than men, which has to be fulfilled before they even consider going on a date.

So arguably the dating game is hard for both genders but in different ways.

For example, Seema commented that men prefer younger women, so it's more challenging for older women but is this men's fault, or down to nature and the way that they are genetically wired?

Conversely, if he does not pay is he being respectful & mindful, or will this be interpreted as being miserly?