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White label dating customer support

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White Label Dating is currently one of the most successful dating software platforms in the world.

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“We had robust email campaigns operating throughout the customer lifecycle,” recalls Harry Lloyd, Head of Customer Engagement.Simply start driving traffic to your website and watch it transform into cash!When you think of running a dating website you think of buying the dating software, getting hosting, setting up your profiles, subscriptions and getting started but there is another option out there called White Label Dating which works out for some people but most don’t like it so I’ll explain how it works and why steering clear of any dating white label software solution is the best choice. The white label dating provider owns the data and that includes all the profiles and content. The most important part of this dating white label solution is that you don’t get all of the revenue from your members. There are about 4 white label dating providers out there and they all work the same. You don’t get all your money and you can’t take anything with you when you leave. There are even dating white label providers out there that are scamming you.The White Label Dating software was developed in-house at Global as the basis for a number of new dating websites and social discovery networks both through the company itself and as a marketable platform that could be used by partners and affiliates.The White Label Dating platform is completely scalable and can be adapted to almost any size or shape of website with the aim of bringing people together over the internet.Over twenty-two million people worldwide are members of at least one of the White Label Dating websites, with a new member signing up on average once every three seconds.

White Label Dating was created in 2003 as part of a new start-up, Global Personals.

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