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When do willow and oz start dating

In fact, sometimes, we've loved Tara even more than Willow. For those of you so jaded by the recent onslaught of anvils and after school specials masquerading as Buffy episodes that you can't believe ME could be that clever, please remember that we're talking about the crew that planned two years in advance (albeit poorly) for Dawn's arrival, and that these people used to be extremely good at subtext (before they gave up and just settled for text. That's a lot of work, coming up with subtext all the time. It was all about understanding the creature that was Willow. Confused, she convinced herself she was heterosexual, and proceeded to put all she had into a crush on one Alexander La Velle Harris. Many people erroneously believed that Willow was upset because of her love for Xander and was outraged at our fair carpenter--how could he choose to be with Cordelia over her? Oz, a musician, automatically upped Willow's cool factor. Gayer than the guy at Timberline in the daisy dukes and boa. The reason we missed it was that ME was so damn clever about it. Rather than hit their viewers over the head, as they might opt (and often do) to do now, they elected to rely on their viewers' intelligence. Willow, the "grew up in a strict household with a psychiatrist mother who knew she would never be accepted as gay" one. Later she discovered the Xander and Cordelia romance.

She has a darkside to her that will be explored further in season six. Nothing against Tara, but I wish Oz could have stayed.When Oz feels a kind of attraction for the singer Veruca (Paige Moss), Willow becomes very jealous and insecure about their relationship.In the full moon, Oz escapes from his cage and while chasing Professor Maggie Walsh (Lindsay Crouse) in the campus, he meets with a female werewolf and they stay together along the night.However, in scheming to hurt Cordy, she once again put up an obstacle on her path to reaching hot gay lovin'.Crushed that she'd never be with the pinnacle of the cheerleading pyramid now (and we're all just a little bit grateful for that), she questioned her actions and immediately returned to Oz.Oz wakes up in the forest, naked with her and is immediately scared that Willow will learn the truth.

Willow, meanwhile, is suspicious of the way that Oz had been acting around Veruca. (He doesn't want her to see the scratches that Veruca left on his back.) Willow goes to Xander for advice and he tells her to talk to Oz about her concerns.

They're just about the cutest couple ever on BTVS and it's so sad to see Oz leave. With Angel, Cordy, Wes and now Oz gone, we're back to the four main Scoobies again. By next episode, Spike will join the cast full-time.

Buffy, Xander, Willow and Giles have to rebuild the show with a new supporting cast. And Tara will be introduced in "Hush." The show is changing and "Wild at Heart" is one of the last episodes of the old regime. Oz is still a werewolf, of course, and he's picking up on some weird vibes from the new girl Vercua.

We were on board with Willow loving someone for the person, not the gender (a regular boy, werewolf, a woman), but not with Willow being the gayest gay gal in gaytown since the day she was born. And Joss we'd like to publicly apologize to you, right here, right now. She walked the walk, she talked the talk, she even managed, for a short period of time, to convince herself that maybe she could do this. Timing her kiss with Xander perfectly, she was not only able to effectively put an end to her trysts with Oz and Xander, but to repay Cordy back some of the hurt she'd felt in season two.

It's in no way meant to marginalize the fake TV feelings that Willow feels for women. We may have even dished some out--quite a bit of it actually, and for that we'd like to say that we're truly sorry. With the onset of the Willow/Oz relationship, there was an extended period of time where Willow did successfully live the heterosexual dream and forgot that penises were merely oddities there to drive her into the arms of women. Her quiet desperation for Oz to kiss her could be taken as normal teen lust on the surface, but looking deeper one can see if for the desperate panic attack it was. What if he didn't want to kiss her because he could tell she was gay? (Note how the writers, in a nice touch of continuity, went back to this theme in season four, when Willow's unsureness of how her friends would react to her having a girlfriend caused her to pull away from her friends and, in fact, hide Tara's existence from them for a time.) People may, at this point, point to season three, when Willow dated not one, but two men. To add to this, Willow still smarted from seeing Cordelia with Xander.

It turns out that she's a werewolf, too, and she's wants Oz.