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Virtual bar dating games

Basically, they’re interested in more than “just sitting across someone in a speed-dating scenario,” says founder Jordi Sinclair.

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There wasn’t any particular pressure to put a tick against someone’s name at the end of the night, so long as you had fun.“Dating’s always going to be dating.During these multiple forced meet-cutes, you’re not really sure whether to make idle small talk or ask the ‘big questions’.Suffice to say, I have a lot of scepticism with dating, and am about ready to quietly accept dying alone.Online dating may have long shed its stigma, and practically everyone you know has probably swiped potential dates on Tinder.However, online dating can still be a cesspit of crushing anxiety, as you try to make yourself as Instagram-presentable as your recent photo library will allow.Mario Kart was a popular choice for the night’s gamer-daters, as was Smash Bros – and there was something charming about getting to play different iterations of these games in one evening (Nintendo consoles were certainly in the majority too).

But it was also a chance to replay some obscurities like Duck Hunt (light guns, remember those?

And that’s before you even have to deal with rejection, indifference, or fending off unwanted creeps who won’t stop messaging you.

You might think cutting through the hoops and meeting people IRL might be better, but these are also a mixed bag.

Not that anyone’s keeping a tab of gamer credentials.

“I’ve always had a slight distaste for the term ‘gamer’,” says Swain.

But instead of facing each other awkwardly, you’re both actually facing a CRT monitor, controller in hand, playing through games of yesteryear on a good old-fashioned Mega Drive, SNES, N64 or Gamecube consoles – none of that emulation malarkey.