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Urlacher dating

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Just got a little shot to the back; I'm all right."Smith simply said Clark has a rib injury that will be evaluated.

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Urlacher’s most famous ex is Paris Hilton, whom he was linked to romantically in 2003.“I will continue to be the biggest cheerleader for him. ” So it appears that the break-up wasn’t acrimonious, despite the fact that it’s a relative surprise to the rest of us.The couple had been dating since at least May of this year, when Mc Carthy confirmed their relationship with a brief statement.Tight end Desmond Clark took a hard hit after making a catch in the third quarter and left the game with a rib injury.He had little to say Monday, other than this: "Report that to the fans -- I'm OK.The biggest hit for a defense looking to regain its dominant form after two mediocre seasons was losing Urlacher, though."It's disheartening, but we've still got a job to do," defensive tackle Anthony Adams said.

Information from NFC North blogger Kevin Seifert,'s Jeff Dickerson and The Associated Press was used in this report.

Urlacher got up and briefly shook his wrist before walking away with what looked like nothing more than a minor injury."No one knew the severity of it," linebacker Lance Briggs said. Now we know."Smith dismissed the idea of moving Briggs to the middle, meaning the job is Hillenmeyer's for now.

He also did not rule out bringing in help from the outside.

I didn’t have to find love in the wild,” in a quip referencing her NBC dating series.

“I found it on the football field.”“That’s very exciting. “You were dating some real f***ing losers.”Mc Carthy, herself a Chicago native, was married to actor/director John Mallory Asher between 20.

“I can confirm that yes, it’s true, we are dating,” she said, according to , notes MSN.