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Updating wiikey 2

It will, amongst other things, allow you to play backups of your Wii and Game Cube games (subject to certain limitations). Basically, a Wii Key is more commonly known as a “mod chip” for the Wii.

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You will probably need to update your Wii Key to the latest stable firmware (currently v1.9b). If your firmware is less than version 3.0 – then you can use the discs. Trouble is, the Hex’d disc won’t load on it’s own – it stops and asks you for the original config disc – this is why you need 2 DVD’s – one Hex’d one and one ‘untouched’ one. Some D2B chips have three of their pins snipped off. Note – if you buy from another source (as you are quite entitled to do so) you could end up with a clone chip. I currently have a wiikey 2 chip installed 5 or 6 wire i think.Think that includes brickblocker or something like that. I currently have 4.1e - not really sure which update is on the disk. This all depends on which version of the DVD controller chip you have. Try entering your Wii’s serial number in to see what pops out. Fitting is still possible - but this involves grinding down some of the drive chips resin. 'Cheeky Monkey' from the late Console uk created a great instruction pdf.

This means that you can't fit a Wii Key in the usual manor.

If i connect the wii up to the internet without a disk in, and check for updates, it is saying a system update is available, but i think this is the troublesome 4.2 I dont have nor have ever had any homebrew on the wii. From what I have read is you can update the system from a game as long as it is a pal game and a pal system.

Any help would really be appreciated as I really want to play this game. The thing is I don;t know if that will fix my error problem or if the chip needs updating. just had to run the file and it scrubbed and patched it apparently.

Long wire is simply soldering wires to the points on the Wii Key – and then soldering the other ends to the relative points on the DVD drive board. This usually occurs when you leave your soldering iron on the DVD drive board for too long (or you simply have your soldering iron too hot). If originals don't work - check all the connections to the DVD drive and the Wii Key again.

I say 'old' as lots of the newer games have some form of updating/checking built in. If originals work - but the 'back-up' doesn't - re-check your fitting again.

That disclaimer was Nintendo’s attempt at scaremongering – you can ignore it. If you have a D2C, then you will need a D2CKey – see more information on D2CKey.