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Updating songs on ipod

Other features of Songbird include a concert alert feature that tells you when a musician is coming to town based on the artists in your library, as well as a link with that shares your music playlists and favorite artists with the music website. This free application provides basic i Pod management that allows you to synchronize your music library with your i Pod Mini, and includes a CD importer and audio convert tool.

You should always choose to keep the music so you don’t lose songs.There are have some reports of certain USB 3.0 ports not working well with older i Pods, so if you run into trouble with a USB 3.0 port, you may want to try plugging into a USB 2.0 port instead.Again, plugging your Apple device in is likely to bring up some prompts for syncing and enabling certain features. Essentially, you don’t want i Tunes to make any decisions on its own, especially when it comes to wiping out your song libraries.Take a minute to check all your software and get your songs ready.Whether you are using a PC or Mac, you will need to install i Tunes and make sure that the latest updates have been installed (if nothing else, this adds some quality of life changes that will make the other steps easier).i Tunes will therefore, remove any songs or playlists from your i Phone that are not already in the library on the PC.

In this case, to avoid i Tunes deleting songs from the i Phone, we recommend using Copy Trans Manager instead of i Tunes.

The guide works with all i Phone models including i Phone 6s and all versions of i Tunes, including i Tunes 12.

If you get the “Remove and Sync” prompt, this means that you didn’t yet sync the i Phone with the i Tunes library on this PC.

This troubleshooting article explains how to fix the issue of i Tunes not syncing songs back to your i Phone or i Pod.

In most cases, the problem is caused by misconfigured i Tunes sync settings for your i Phone or i Pod.

These programs can be downloaded for free and will allow music transfers between your i Pod Mini and your computer.