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Updating hp media smart server

updating hp media smart server-41

Optional Step: There is a bug currently in the express CD which caused my machine to get in a loop repeating the above step over and over.

A few praised features of Windows Home Server when it launched in 2007 were: Windows Home Server 2011 has recently come out but it removes the drive extender feature, requires a 40% faster CPU (1.4 Ghz), and 4 times the RAM (2 GB) as its predecessor.Make sure you have a backup before you start the installation, and if you have enough spare hard drives you should keep your existing NAS in tact in case something goes horribly wrong for you.Once you have your iso file burned to a CD, put your spare hard drive into the temporary desktop you are going to do the installation with.If you have a Windows Home Server then follow our guide to backing up all your information to an external hard drive.If you have a different NAS platform, you can either see if your platform has a built in backup system or you can manually copy all of your files to a spare hard drive over the network.Alex explains how to get the latest version of Windows Home Server installed on either a EX485, EX487, EX490, EX495, X510 Data Vault or an LX195.

An excellent read for those of you with one of these servers to make it WHS2011 compatible, which can read here.

In addition to what other Linux/BSD based NAS distributions give you, Amahi has easy remote access with automatic dynamic DNS updates, drive extender functionality with greyhole, and one click install add-ins via their “don’t call it an App Store” repository.

We will walk you through the process of installing Amahi using the Express CD on an HP Media Smart Server.

The machine will reboot (make sure you remove the install CD) and bring you back to one more screen to finish the device configuration.

After it’s complete your new HDA should automatically reboot and bring to you a login screen.

If you’re looking for an upgrade, but don’t want to lose the functionality you have now, the open source project Amahi may be the perfect solution for you.