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Updating documents

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*By submitting a copy of your Aadhaar Card to Citibank, you confirm and agree that the Bank has duly explained to you that submission of Aadhaar Card is no longer mandatory and you have the option to submit any one of the above documents towards submission of KYC / proof of address document. Don’t have access to Citibank Online or the Citi Mobile app?

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Normally, if you have linked information in your document, the information is updated whenever you open the document.In addition, Monger provides several convenience functions for common cases, for example, finding documents by id. Learn more about upserts in this Mongo DB documentation section.Modifier operations are highly-efficient and useful when updating existing values; for instance, they're great for incrementing counters, setting individual fields, updating fields that are arrays and so on.You will receive a confirmation once your KYC is updated.In case we require any additional details we will get in touch on your registered mobile number or e-mail ID.Please refer the section - "What documents do I need to submit? Please note: While submitting the KYC documents, please ensure that the address mentioned in your submitted address proof matches with the address updated in your bank records. If you have multiple relationships with Citibank and you have KYC due on more than one of your relationships, please submit your KYC documents for ANY of your relationships to be marked 'KYC compliant' for your account.

" for the documents you need to submit and "Process for updating KYC documents with Citi" for the process to update the documents. To check the address maintained in Citibank records please login to Citibank Online and navigate to View Contact Details - Enter OTP or check your latest Bank or Credit Card Statement. To check all your linked relationships with Citibank, please refer to the 'Account Summary' section in Citibank Online or the post login screen in the Mobile Banking Application.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License (including images & stylesheets). This guide covers Monger 3.1 (including preview releases).

Monger's update API follows the following simple rule: the "syntax" for condition and update document structure is the same or as close as possible to Mongo DB shell and the official drivers.

Please refer to the sections - "What documents do I need to submit?

" and “Process for updating KYC documents with Citi” for the documents required and submission process respectively.

Mongo DB supports modifiers via update operation and Monger API works the same way: you pass a document with modifiers to when your Clojure code is compiled (at the macro expansion time).