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Tv show dating in the dark

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It’s certainly the binding force for everyone on Rea(L)ove.While the hosts poke fun, confessions often lead more to sympathy than repulsion, and catharsis over shame.

Three single guys and three single girls share a group date in total darkness and decide whom they want to meet up with again based on whose voice, personality and smell they are attracted to.Grabbing my hand he led us to our side of the table and when everyone was safely seated a deep voice boomed from the far end: “I’m Gavin. ”The sound of his voice conjured up the image of an extremely muscular man with a shaved head.A guy called Mark was sitting opposite me and sounded like a cheeky Londoner while reserved but interesting Tim sat in the middle.When the 20 minutes were up we adjourned to the lounge where we were asked to describe what we thought the three men looked like.I described Mark as having short, brown, spiky hair with a medium build and we all guessed Tim was a redhead.The producer ushered us into a blacked-out waiting room to give our eyes time to adjust to the darkness before a voice called us into the main room where our dates were waiting.

W e clung to each other’s shoulders as we fumbled our way along, bumping into a plant, a wall and finally a man.

The door opened and in walked a tall, muscular man with a shaved head. Normally I wouldn’t have given him a second glance and would have missed out on meeting someone so compatible. Dating In The Dark can be seen on Tuesdays at 9pm on Living.

If you ever get tired of typical reality dating shows featuring gorgeous models and 20-year-olds with their own “brands” living in amazing houses, then Rea(L)ove deserves a spot on your Netflix binge list.

As soon as I heard Cecile talk I felt a pang of envy.

Her husky voice sounded even sexier in the dark, especially compared to my high-pitched squeaks.