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Transexual dating show

Now she’s taking the next step and this summer will be starring in a TLC reality show about her and her parents, twin brothers and older sister.

Excitement level: I’d rather meet these people in real life than watch them on TV.While the actual trans women that star in this show seem cool and interesting, the way Discovery Life is presenting it makes me more than a little worried.It seems like the show is kind of preoccupied with their transition and the struggles they face because of it, which, if you’ve been reading and watching trans books, documentaries and stories for years (like I have), is getting kind of really old at this point.Since then, Carrera has also made more than a few missteps when it comes to policing other trans women’s bodies and lives, so that makes me a little worried about her role in the show. ) who may or may not have murdered a 15-year-old girl.There are a bunch of news stories about this show being announced last May, but nothing since then, so really, the future of this show is up in the air at this point. Cox plays Cameron Wirth, a “fierce and funny, competitive and compassionate transgender Ivy League-educated attorney.We don’t know how long this very welcome trend will last (especially since the scripted shows are just pilots and might not even get picked up), so while we’ve got options, we thought we’d look at the slate of upcoming shows and gauge our excitement for them.

To be honest, I’ll probably check out all of these that are on channels that I get because I’m starved for representation and I have almost no willpower when it comes to things like this.

This seems like it might be basically a reality TV version of that show, but hopefully Carly’s family isn’t full of absolutely horrible people like Maura’s is.

Excitement Level: I’ll just stick to watching , which stars the gender non-comforming (but not trans) Queen of Bounce, and this fall they’ll be adding this show which is about “the triumphs and struggles of a group of transgender San Francisco cabaret performers.” I don’t get Fuse, but I do enjoy the episodes of is going to feature of group of trans women living in Chicago named Giselle, Natalia, Sidney and Victory with transgender model Carmen Carrera acting as a sort of mentor for them and host for the show.

Even if you haven’t been watching a ton of trans stories, I’m sure it’s getting repetitive.

Executive Producer Jay James’ comment that “to be perfectly honest, there’s a natural curiosity to see what transgender people are all about” makes me even more nervous.

The fact that she’s experienced injustice first hand makes her fight all the harder for her clients.” Now this is what I’m talking about.