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And now we have a wealth of 3D sex chat games to choose from.The chat room must be obsolete, right, completely dead and gone? There are still a few out there, struggling to hold onto the last shreds of user activity.

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To the left of this, you will find a navigation bar.I click it and am brought to the room’s launch page (each room has its own color-coded theme to it, by the way, this one’s is a black background with a pale blue text).On the launch page, the room lists its rules: age must be in your username, keep all conversations respectful, English only, no use of excessive CAPS, no links to other rooms, no threats, avoid discussing rape, incest, abuse, and bestiality, no talking about suicide or depression allowed.You could just pop into any one of thousands of chat rooms around the world and strike up a conversation. I was just a teenager then, horny as ever, going into chat room after chat room and messaging people with girly sounding usernames, “ASL?” That’s how I lost my online virginity, thanks to AIM. The chat room eventually evolved into sites like Omegle and Slut Roulette, where you could connect to random people all over the world via webcam.Maybe there are people out there who get off to the thought of suicide.

Hey, it wouldn’t be the strangest thing that I’ve seen people get off to on the internet.

It’s amazing to me, actually, that there are still chat room sites that are up and running.

I am forced to imagine that the only people who still populate them are old dudes who are out of touch with how the internet works and the occasional incompetent spam bot, but, hey, I could be wrong.

Although I highly doubt that I will find some hot young thing to sext with here, the site does have a wealth of sex-themed chat rooms to choose from, so I’m cautiously optimistic as I arrive at the site.

As soon as I arrive on the site, I can immediately tell that it hasn’t had an upgrade for quite some time. The site was developed in 2001 and it doesn’t look as if they’ve updated or changed anything since.

Okay, this one sounds promising: “ASR,” or Adult Sexting Room.