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Besides the massively detailed profiling, the help section is very detailed and covers a lot of the key issues in a straightforward way through a series of links, though it is a lot of text and could benefit from a few instructional videos.

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The Pink Lesbian Dating Site Review - 07/01/10 The Pink is an online dating site for Women who are looking for friendship, companionship or a relationship.We have visited, explored and reviewed the UK's top dating websites giving you essential and impartial advice.Datethe Dating Site Review - 18/01/10 Datethe is an online dating website for the UK market for gay and heterosexual individuals seeking fulfilling relationships.Profiles are watched, photos are given the once over, to make sure that they are legitimate.It takes some of the fun out of things, perhaps, but makes it a safer place to be. Thanna Alghabban’s tattoos peep out of her sleeve when she instructs her legions of young female fans how to separate the “f*** boys” from those serious about marriage. They probably went to single-sex schools, possibly even, like Alghabban, private Islamic schools in which headscarves and conservative dress were the norm if…

Yet if you can imagine a culture right now in the same kind of transition as in Austen’s 18th century — a shift from the father of the household forcing a pragmatic union on his daughter to the daughter manoeuvring a match for herself — this is the world Alghabban speaks to in Muslim Britain.

Responsible mountaineers have called for action to be taken against the growth of ‘dirty camping’, which sees irresponsible campers leaving rubbish, fire damage and even whole campsites in their wake.

) is a dating site for people who really are looking for a relationship.

This isn’t a race, and Encounters Dating seems to realise that long lasting relationships are based on a foundation of honesty and patience.

If you’re looking for a quick flirt and a bit of fun then this probably isn’t the place for you.

We've hand-picked the best online dating sites for you to try right now - and there really is something for everyone.