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Tenn dating and flirting

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To start, it’s important that you trust your partner.

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If there is a lack of trust in the relationship, it is going to be very challenging to feel secure in the relationship, especially if you’re seeing someone flirt with your partner.We do know that setting boundaries and communicating honestly with an abusive partner is not always safe or possible.If you’re unsure if your relationship is healthy, check out our Does the title of this blog feel familiar to you?It’s also equally important to be honest with your partner and talk with them about how you’re feeling.We know that open communication is another big essential to having a healthy relationship.When feeling jealous or insecure, you might want to ask your partner to simply stop hanging out with a flirtatious certain friend, but this is an unfair and controlling expectation.

Your partner has the right to decide who they want to have as friends in their life, and it is unhealthy to try to dictate who they can and cannot spend time with.

It’s also never ok or acceptable to go through your partner’s phone or check their messages to see if their friends have been flirting with them.

Everyone deserves digital privacy in a relationship and it’s not okay or healthy to invade a partner’s privacy if you’re suspicious of flirting.

Trust is essential to having a healthy relationship, and if you feel like you’re having difficulty trusting your partner then it’s important to address that issue first.

If you feel like no matter what you just cannot trust, then it may be time to think about whether this relationship is right for you or not.

So, what do you do if someone else has been flirting with your partner?