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I want to carry you over puddles so you dont get wet.


Short skirt, patterned fishnet tights, and a growing craving for larger cocks, i was dressed to do what i wanted that night, and all i had on my mind was stroking their cocks, servicing them as they wished, and accepting their seed wherever they pleased.I'm very much a subbie and a bit of a masochist but only to *proven" Dom men and Masters.Are you looking for full time D/s or P/t: 24/7 when husband is away from home (usually 2-3 wks at a time) Are you a SUB or SLAVE: I am a sub but would easily become a mans slave Do you Smoke: I do not Do you Smoke POT: How Much: I don’t d**g User: How Much: I do not Do you Drink: How Much: I do not Your Name your Phone # Clare Ransome and only real contacts that would visit or I can go to get my phone Your Location Your Interest in Serving Below Abingdon VA (nea… Read more I am married and my husband works away from home for weeks at a time.We never talk and hardly see each other and her priorities seem to be elsewhere.slut wives Warren Exhibitionist Fun Dare me to come to your door naked!I then decided to place my own advert and just see what responses I g… Read more MRS BRADY Mrs Brady was the mother of a girl whom I had known since school days.

She was of Indian origins and married to an English military man who had served his country in the sub continent.

In big debt and with the economy slow, she turned to escorting for a while until something better came up. As the new girl she was given a small room doninated by a whirring fan, a single bed and a big tv.

Nerdy and shy, she had not too much experience, and was full of nerves at the start of her first shift in the brothel. An air freshener somewhere hissed feebly from time to time.

She has 36c tits with normal sized nipples, they are very sensitive.

We were on holiday in France this summer, staying at a gite. There was an older couple staying next door and I heard them speaking English.

Check out this vice article for more info on keeping it casual.