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The only two girls I match with seem disappointed in my being a woman. ” I tell him he is not my type but thank him for the offer.However, I have not yet had any weird sexual requests, so I still have hopes for a good solid conversation at this point. I match with a non-Korean again: an older guy from Albania. Albanian guy is very insistent though; he really wants to make me his wife. I decide to give Azar another shot the next morning.

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He matches with a Korean guy and they hit it off immediately. After several more rejections, I match with someone from Sri Lanka who currently lives in Korea.He compliments me several times and asks me if I am married. Although Albania is lovely this time of year, I swipe left. Although my experience yesterday was not particularly great, I did not see as much inappropriate content as I had expected.At this point, my boyfriend is getting tired of listening to all the meaningless conversations. At that exact moment, an eggplant (but y’know, not an actual eggplant) appears on my screen. This time, the boyfriend is off at work so there’s nobody to steal my thunder. He also wants to marry me, and tells me I would make a good wife. I thank him for the compliment, and swipe left onto another eggplant. He thanks me for my time and bids me a sincere goodbye before he swipes me away.He thinks I am beautiful and we talk about the Olympics.However, the language barrier proves too big and he swipes left.They have a proper conversation and the Korean guy calls my boyfriend handsome (he is) and jokingly asks him out on a date. I get rejected time and time again, but the one time my boyfriend tries Azar he has a great experience. I don’t really understand what he is saying, so I bid farewell and swipe away. Interestingly, although my settings are set to “global,” about 85% of the people I match with is Korean.

I also mostly match with guys, even though technically I should match with girls as well.

I expect that I will have more matches with people abroad and fewer matches with Koreans, as people should be heading to work by now in our time zone. I get rejected a couple of times before I match with another Korean guy. I immediately match with a guy who seems kinda nice. Not wanting to cause a major road accident, I tell him to close the app and I swipe left. It seems guys on this app are more sexually astir in the morning. Instead of just swiping away, like I’ve done so far, I offer him a big smile and give him the finger. Maybe Azar is just like Tinder; you have to swipe a lot before you get a good match.

I am matched with another devious eggplant and quickly swipe left. I match with someone from Turkey, who thinks I am very pretty, but that I would be prettier if I take of my shirt. I finally match with someone from the United States. But, the way Azar is currently structured, I think it’ll be hard pressed to fully realize its slogan promise, “Discover & Connect,” at least on a meaningful level.

At the time, I was doing research for an article about modern Korean dating and I thought some time spent on Azar could be a perfect addition to my piece.

The way it works is quite simple: it enables you to live video chat with any Azar user, providing translation features to help along the conversation if there is a language barrier between you and your match.

However, Chatroulette gradually lost its popularity when it became swarmed Although Azar was originally supposed to take up just one segment of my modern dating article, my experience with the app convinced me it deserved an entire article of its own. Keep in mind: I’m a 21-year-old Dutch woman who speaks English and a little Korean.