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Sophos antivirus always updating

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Logically, then, changing them on a schedule should minimise the risk by reducing the length of possible compromise to a defined period of weeks or months.In the consumer space, it’s become such an accepted part of security that password managers urge users to update their passwords regularly and offer mechanisms to automate this for big internet sites.

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Microsoft’s Aaron Margosis didn’t mince his words: Windows baselines aren’t just a set of recommendations written down somewhere that nobody reads – defining how the world’s most popular business OS should be secured by businesses, these matter.What is it about a secure password that makes us think it’s secure?Traditionally, for businesses it’s been things like complexity, minimum length, avoiding known bad passwords, and how often passwords are changed to counter the possibility of undetected compromise.If NIST downgrading the importance of password expiration was a big marker, Microsoft doing the same signals that change is coming in the real world.sensible because, as numerous security compromises demonstrate, passwords today are often stolen and abused long before their owners realise.Again, this isn’t just an antivirus, but a set of optimization tools that are capable of significantly boosting system performance.

Sadly, while the whitelisting approach is quite impressive, it does have some flaws. Wf GYSophos Central - Endpoint Update Thanks, Sophos I guess I cant get a virus if I cant login.

The only workaround so far has been to log in as a local user without network and disable all runtime protection services on the local machine and rebooting.

For now, disabling Intercept-X seems to get things stable again.

Symptoms have been lots of spinning cursors, unable to log in, constant freezing.

And yet, recently, the last of those orthodoxies – password expiration – has started to crumble.