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Social class and dating

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Through this social stratification, men all over the society scatter discrimination and unfairness so that man will exert great effort in competing with others to move forward to the higher standard of living.

The higher the position in the society, the higher the reputation he or she can get from lower class below them.In the Philippines, there are three social classes that can be seen in the community: (1) the upper class has high personal income, inherited wealth and economic influence; (2) the middle class are the small businessmen, teachers, merchants, traders with modest income; and (3) lower class has earning low incomes with a little or no savings; some are unemployed.As we can notice the criteria that determine a person’s social position are the color of skin, beauty, money and how influence they are in the community.This is a group of people who share generally the same rank, position and control and who have sense of classification with one another.It refers to a position of families that share the same or nearly status according to the criteria of evaluation in the system of stratification.The availability of opportunities was took advantage by the lower class to have a better life.

The competition, like for example the election in which they said that it was the time wherein the poorest and the richest are equal, are also entered by the lower class in the society to get the chance to take over to the community and become one of those who are in the higher class.

Having knowledge about the stratification may help man to adapt to the social surroundings and they may also have development of man’s average of living.

It also result economic growth in a society and it leads to the achievement of a pleasant and secure society.

Sometimes, in a simple traffic violation, they usually involved the name of their known politician to escape the punishment that they should face.

In terms of wealth, they usually use money to do them a favor and to prioritize them.

Here in the Philippines, social stratification is very noticeable.