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Six figure salary dating

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And a lot of these women are taller and heavier than I am. Many people live in a place like the north east and still make 60-65K. In a worsening economy, the six figure guys are the first to be got rid of. Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. Over $68,000 in prizes has already been given out to active posters on our forum.

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In the grand scheme 100k isn't all that much over 70 or 80 and most established professionals without more than a bachelors degree make that.Otherwise Luxy and truthfully that an escort service app hahahaha sooooo not sure that’s what he’s looking for!!I like the League but because it’s very selective, it is very limited in matches and swipes. Fuck, plumbers and commercial electricians make 150 often.I've known many older Ph D holders that aged out of competitive careers at 45 or 50 and couldn't find 6 figure work to save their life...Also he didn't tell me about any particular Education level, so I'm gonna assume that doesn't matter to him either.

I understand his want for matching with people with a similar lifestyle as his.

He has a Ph D and is putting it to great use, and while he doesn't need the same from his match, he says he would always prefer someone who is in a relatively similar financial situation. But wait, I remember using Match and wasn't there an option to filter people by their weight? Because as he said, there's no option to filter by income, but I personally know there's an option to filter by weight (body type)well idk I mean maybe i didn't write the general idea of the question in the best way lol. Wouldn't YOU want someone who you don't have to "carry" but who brings the same things YOU bring to the table? Also you didn't even answer the question, like he's looking for an app that allows filters. I mean he hasn't told me any preferences about like height or weight or looks, so I don't think he has any? There’s not gonna be any apps that are made specifically for people who only make 100k lol that’s pretty niche and apps are in the business of making as much money as possible. But idk I mean, I guess I kinda see a bit of your point, but something just still doesn't fully sit right with me.

I told him about an app called "Luxy", but then we found out the minimum required income to use that app is like 200K LOL. He told me Match doesn't let people filter their search by Income level, only Education level, but I told him that would leave out people like me who are business owners who may not have a graduate degree, but still have a high income. Wait, is the "Filtering" thing what made you feel he's a douche? That sounds less douchy than 99% of the people on dating apps who just like look at the photos and swipe left lol. I don’t really wanna get into the topic itself of searching for a partner based on income. Like how is searching based on income and THEN getting to know the person worse than like searching based on beauty and THEN getting to know the person?

You're friend sounds like a wannabee upper class, middle classless chode.

Real gangsters don't flex cause they know they got it.

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