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Sheamus and maryse dating

Oh, the stories these wrestlers must have from life on the road!Once Nikki and John started to date, the partying days subsided for the both of them.

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This photo features Nikki Bella alongside Matt Hardy and CM Punk.One of their first roles back in 2008, years prior to dating John, was in a love triangle storyline alongside The Colons and Miz and Morrison.The rare photo above shows Nikki and Brie out on a date alongside The Miz; such a storyline seems laughable nowadays given the way things played out for all involved.As for Punk, he’s married and completely out of the wrestling business with an upcoming fight for the UFC.Yup, the pre-Nikki and John days took place some time ago.Before Nikki met John, her role with the WWE was quite different.

Instead of getting pushed as an in-ring act, Bella was primarily used as eye candy early on, working backstage segments alongside her sister Brie.

Judging by the photos from her pre-John Cena days, Nikki loved to have a good time with these two dudes.

Also in the photo is Eve Torres, a former Divas Champion who is now retired. Matt completely reinvented himself with the Broken gimmick. Eve’s also enjoying the family life with a second child on the way.

Without further ado, here are 15 photos of Nikki Bella before she started dating John Cena.

We begin with a throwback photo from Nikki’s promiscuous WWE TV days.

They would return to the company just three months after the appearance.