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Sharepoint consolidating multiple ad user accounts

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Using a Microsoft account to create a new account is the recommended method to share your computer with other people because it's easier to set up, settings sync across devices, and users can quickly recover their password.To add a new account using a MSA, do the following: Once you've completed the steps, the user will be able to start using your computer immediately.

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On compatible devices, such as Surface Book 2 and Surface Pro, you can also set up Windows Hello Face to sign onto your device using only your face.The feature uses proximity technology, as such you'll need to connect a Bluetooth device like a phone or wearable to your PC before you can set it up.To configure Dynamic lock, do the following: Once you've completed the steps, if you step away with your Bluetooth device, Windows 10 will wait 30 seconds, and then it'll lock your PC automatically.If you read "Local account" under your username, then you're using an account that isn't connected to a MSA.Quick Tip: Usually, when setting up a new account, additional verification may be required.A Child account offers the necessary features to keep children safe online.

Using this account, a young person will be able to use your computer, personalize the desktop, use apps, store files, safely browse the internet using Microsoft Edge, and you'll be able to control their activities using the Microsoft family dashboard online.

After completing the steps, the new family member will receive an email invitation that must accept to use your computer and manage parental control settings using the online dashboard.

Similar to a traditional account, an Adult account uses a Standard account template, which gives the user freedom to do almost anything, but they can't change security settings, install apps, or modify anything that could affect other users.

Using the Sign-in options settings, you can also decide whether or not Windows 10 should prompt you to enter a password when your computer wakes up from sleep using these steps: The Accounts work or school page allows you to connect your device to an organization to access shared resources, such as network, apps, and email.

Typically, if you work in an organization, your network administrator will provide the information needed to add your device to the network.

If your laptop or desktop doesn't include biometric authentication, you can always get a fingerprint scanner or a camera with Windows Hello support.