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On the other hand, here is a Ne-21/Be-10 diagram from a very cool paper by Florian Kober and Vasily Alfimov: This figure has a lot of data in it that are beside the point from the perspective of this post, but the point is that it has the opposite axes: Be-10 concentration on the x-axis and Ne-21/Be-10 ratio on the y-axis.14 Mar - Stephy Tang has denied rumours that she and long-time boyfriend Alex Fong are tying the knot soon.Thus, exposure still goes to the right (at least for a while), but burial goes UP.Not what we expect from our previous experience with the Al-26/Be-10 diagram.At present, the choice of axes in two-nuclide diagrams involving Ne-21 in the literature appears to reflect your position in relation to the Atlantic Ocean.There is only one reason this section exist, "because having a common ground provides a good starting pace for any relationship".

So maybe you share a birth place, went to one of the same schools, or your nationality finds a match.

Most of the ideas people keep inside their skulls are so grotesque that you can hardly be ...

Your hints for the spot are given above of the main image.

I think inverting the diagram so that burial goes up just confuses readers.

Thus, I advocate always plotting the longer-lived nuclide of the pair on the x-axis, and the ratio of the shorter-lived to longer-lived nuclide on the y-axis.

It really does make more sense for two-nuclide diagrams to always behave the same way no matter what nuclide pair is involved.