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Another sure-fire way to get attention is taking the girls into a private show where the webcam sex can get very hot!Regardless, Susan begins to believe that Harold was the one who raped her.The same day that Harold returns to the mansion, someone from the woods calls out to Susan.Harold arrives shortly afterward; he is later found dead, apparently shot by Susan.Miriam is told by the authorities that Susan will be returned to the sanatorium in Switzerland.It is then revealed that Miriam has been conspiring with John to subvert Susan's recovery, in order to disinherit her from her father's will. She assumes that John is terrorizing her, and she fires him. One rainy night, Miriam catches sight of the stalker, who does appear to be Harold.

Miriam admits her lifelong jealousy of Susan, because Susan's father gave her more attention than he gave Miriam. John arrives shortly afterward, and Miriam shoots him fatally, it appears.

Susan Wilcox is a young woman who was raped by an unknown man when she was 13.

Traumatized by the experience, she suffered a mental breakdown, did not speak a word for two years, and was entered in a Swiss sanatorium.

Upon leaving the psychiatric institution for the first time, she returns to her old home where her mother, Miriam, is now in an unstable marriage with Harold Jennings, is an alcoholic.

Susan returns to the woods where she was raped, and is followed there by someone.

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