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Rus not updating

exchange was at the other site and was updating but now its at other site over a vpn. need some guidance and help as to how to get users to update properly.I have replication traffic for sites at night while i am making changes during the day. Also, when i was at the site without exchange i am trying to get people migrated onto it.

rus not updating-26rus not updating-54

The RUS is set to run always and a manual update does not cause the new user to appear.But I never get any changes to AD, I used adsi edit to review the newly created group properties; the object show In Addres Book is there but is not popluated as my "functioning" (for lack of a better term) users/groups with container infor etc.So RUS is running and stamping but not updating AD.Event Type: Information Event Source: MSExchange AL Event Category: Address List Synchronization Event ID: 8169 Date: 9/20/2006 Time: AM User: N/A Computer: ABISERVER Description: Retrieved all directory changes under: 'CN=Configuration, DC=iwkabi, DC=com'.Event Type: Information Event Source: MSExchange AL Event Category: LDAP Operations Event ID: 8006 Date: 9/20/2006 Time: AM User: N/A Computer: ABISERVER Description: Opening LDAP session to directory aboa-cmg-ad02.on port 389.(Is Deleted=TRUE)))' and requesting attributes distinguished Name; object GUID; Legacy Exchange DN; ms Exch ADCGlobal Names; Object SID; Object Class; ms Exch Master Service BL; activation Schedule; activation Style; ms Exch Address List Service Link; ms Exch Domain Link; ms Exch Server1Authentication Credentials; ms Exch Server1Authentication Password; ms Exch Encrypted Password; ms Exch Server1Network Address; ms Exch Export Containers; ms Exch Replicate Now; ms Exch Do Full Replication; ms Exch Server1Last Update Time; ms Exch Server1Highest USN; ms Exch Server1Page Size; ms Exch Poll Interval; ms Exch Server1Flags; Version Number; ms Exch Server1Highest USNVector; ms Exch Processed Sids; ms Exch Domain Global Group Sid; ms Exch Domain Local Group Sid; ms Exch Domain Global Group Guid; ms Exch Domain Local Group Guid; gateway Proxy.

This repeats itself a few times with eitehr finding changes or not but it goes no further.

So in a nutshell for some reason after finding the changes it either never tries to or cannot update active directory. If your staff are waiting overnight until new entries appear they are probably using Outlook 2003 in cached mode which uses the offline address book.

The offline address book by default only updates once daily, at nightime.

I am having a problem with my RUS service update email addresses with my recipient policy. i have 2 sites over a vpn with 3 DC's(all win2003). 2 DC's are in one site and the other DC and exchange is in the other site.

i am on my DC near exchange making changes and the RUS wont update new users that i setup with exchange boxes.

I will be retiring the exch 2000 server soon as we need to do a domain name change and cannot have it present for that to work.