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Rumer willis dating ashton

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I feel like I told my sister that at some point, 'Gotta cross him off the list.'"READ: Princess Diana's will revealed" data-reactid="38"READ: Princess Diana's will revealed After the initial shock, Rumer's reaction toward the relationship was one of pride."I was kind of impressed," Rumer laughed. '"Demi and Ashton married in 2005, and officially divorced in was one of her celeb crushes when she was younger.

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“He understands more than my parents sometimes because he’s closer to my age.”She admitted then that she had harbored a crush on the actor when she was a child.“Ash was a heartthrob to me,” she said.Rumer Willis has revealed that she had a teenage crush on Ashton Kutcher - until her mum started dating him.The 20-year-old offspring of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, now Kutcher's stepdaughter, told star.“I feel like I was kinda impressed,”; Rumer laughs, referring to her mother.“I was like, “Yeah girl, get it, alright.'”; Earlier this month, appearance, when he claimed that he was actually dating Sara Leal when she allegedly cheated on him with Ashton!“He did sleep with one of my ex-girlfriends — but she was my current girlfriend at the time,”; he said.

Rumer Willis says it must have been crazy for Ashton Kutcher to start dating Demi Moore.

“That’s when you open up your report that Ashton cheated on Demi with a woman named Sara Leal in San Diego.

Looking back, Rumer says she didn’t feel any skepticism about the relationship despite plenty of naysayers given the former couple’s age difference.

Kind of going into that situation was crazy." "My mom has always made how [my sisters and I] feel about situations the most important thing," she shared.

"I think it was more her going, 'Hey, this is my life and these are my kids and my priorities.

The 26-year-old actress reflected on the 36-year-old actor's relationship with her 52-year-old mother in an interview with "I realized the other day that he was a year younger than me when he and my mom started going out," she remarked.