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Rico blanco kc concepcion dating

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In 2013, she finished her high school from International School Manila.

Filmmaker and producer Pierre Emmanuel Plassart is the current boyfriend of actress-entrepreneur KC Concepcion.KC Concepcion is a Filipino actress whose has quite the talent hidden under her sleeves.Apart from being an actress, she is also a singer-songwriter, host, model, and entrepreneur.In order to stay fit, KC partakes in several outdoor sports such as tennis and scuba-diving.She also does Pilates and Yoga to strengthen her core and keep her mind clear and free.He said she made everything worth it, enjoyable, and memorable.

Aside from the romantic message, Pierre Plassart exposed a photo with KC Concepcion with a heart background.

I’m forever grateful for this long road ahead together.

♥️ A post shared by Pierre Emmanuel Plassart (@peplassart) on Pierre Plassart allegedly gifted KC Concepcion a gorgeous watch that is very expensive and it could be the most high-priced item a celebrity could have.

KC is also cautious about her diet and that is why she eats dry seaweed for protein and cayenne pepper to build her energy.

To boost her immune system, she goes for the traditional way of drinking lime, honey, and lukewarm water mixed together.

KC Concepción made her first appearance in a theatrical film in the lead role as Pia Sandoval in the romantic-drama film For The First Time in 2008.