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Religious non religious dating

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I have certain views that are important to me, and they're important to me for reasons, so why would I choose to spend my life with someone whose worldview was really different on those issues?Despite having a different set of beliefs, we still get along well and respect each other's different opinions.Much the same as we do with differing political values.And if they really believed I was going to hell but were okay with that, that's fucked up, too! This logic to me is pretty watertight as to why I would never date someone extremely devout.If they love me as much I love them, they would want to save me from hell with every breath they had.I just hadn't realized how adverse to dating someone with religious beliefs many atheists, at least in this community, seem to be.

I just don't think my worldview would mesh well with someone who was actually practicing their religion or who was super into it.

Not huge issues mind you, but my BIL has expressed his annoyance with some things.

He is generally cool with their kid being raised Muslim but he wants her to chill out on being strict about certain things. While the whole "agree to disagree" thing works for some people, I find that my happiest relationships are with people where that is never necessary when it comes to big issues.

That being said, I also have to be dating someone that I have a mutual trust with and we can have an open discussion without it turning into a fight or worrying about judgement from the other person.

Luckily, I've found that in my current boyfriend.

My own boyfriend grew up Christian but has since renounced much if not all of it.