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Rain dating lee hyori

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For the first time, singer Rain / Bi spoke up about the radio scandal between him and Lee Hyori on a TV broadcasting.

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The rumors became very widespread and although no one could really produce any evidence that this was heard on the radio show, it was believed by many at first. I mean if I did sleep with him, it would be a different case. I thought the rumors would just spread a bit and just stop since it was absurd. Since I wasn't a married woman at that time, I didn't feel the need to step up and explain myself, especially since I didn't view sleeping with someone as some big wrongdoing, it's not as if I killed someone. Now the ‘friends with benefits’ are back in the spotlight together to film a new CF for Kookmin Bank. Pop in: Rain premieres Beijing Olympic theme song Rain receives Korea Image Stepping Stone Award Rain is ready for Ninja Assassin Lee Hyori is a top girl Who pops it best? Although none of these are confirmed, Hyori once said that "usually my scandals are actually true." Lee Hyo Ri confessed in "Sang Sang Plus Season 2"?Hong Kyung Min A k-pop singer with a huge vocal range.This allows him to vary his music choices from ballad, to rock, even dance.Pictures of him and Hyori were posted all over the Internet with the two of them appearing rather close in a hot tub.

[ 42, -8] What I was dumbfounded with the most is when Lee Hyori said she was worried because her child might be called Lee Hyori's daughter or son ㅋㅋㅋ She'll be in her 40~50 when her kid is grown up, who's gonna care about her then?

Nothing has been confirmed about Hyori Lee's rumored boyfriends, but still, many rumors have come out.

Here is a list of them and any info about the rumor.

the truth about rumors linking her to different celebrities.

She was first asked who among her "scandal partners" was the most absurd one and Lee Hyo Ri answered that it was the one with Shin Dong Yup and Park Soo Hong.

I don't know about you guys, but Rain and Hyori's chemistry--in Happy Together 3 alone--was enough to convince me that the two aren't only in a friends zone.