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Questions to ask a church when candidating

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And let them also be tested first; then let them serve as deacons if they prove themselves blameless.

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Some theological beliefs may not be shared by your church.It orients the candidate to the office of deacon, introduces the candidate to the staff, and assesses the candidate’s spiritual readiness to serve as a deacon.To be eligible to start the DCP, the candidate must meet some foundational qualifications: maintain membership/involvement in the church, display the biblical qualities of a deacon, and already be proactively doing the work of a deacon without being asked.When Pastor Boyd saw what he could do using the Trained Up platform, he immediately jumped on board and started building courses and assessments.Trained Up’s powerful and flexible platform allows him to quickly build thorough assessments that allow his church to answer every question completely, save their progress as they make their way through the process, and automatically give Pastor Boyd updates about their completion percentage.Church leaders on the ground are usually too busy actually identifying, assessing, training, and deploying people into the role of deacon to continue debating it.

They’ve made their decision about how the office of deacon works and they’re moving forward.

Did you have an HR meeting to cover the health insurance and retirement accounts?

Did you cover how to submit an expense report or reserve a room on the master calendar?

One of those churches is The District Church in Jacksonville, Florida.

For Pastor Boyd Bettis, once he decided that the role of deacon was necessary for the continuing health of his church, the next question was clear: how do we assess each person’s qualifications and readiness for this ministry responsibility?

Pastor Boyd researched options, asked ministry colleagues inside the Acts29 Network, and worked with his staff to craft their Deacon Candidate Process (DCP).