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The person with the highest total wins their division.

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Depending on the organization, you may encounter two categories of powerlifting meets.***This is a Winneconne Powerlifting club fundraiser. NOTE: High school lifters must purchase a full year membership. All entries, once awards, and testing are paid for, go towards the club's expenses for the Powerlifting season. “People cheer just as hard for someone who’s bench pressing an empty bar as they do for a veteran powerlifter.” Lauren is a freelance fitness writer who specializes in covering running and strength training topics.She writes for a variety of national publications, including Men’s Health, Runner’s World, SHAPE and Women’s Running.When you register for a powerlifting competition, read the rules and bylaws.

Many organizations have strict rules regarding attire.

Many powerlifting programs begin roughly three or four months out from your planned meet, but a coach may be able to help you prep within a shorter time period.

In addition to the main lift, each training session will probably include a series of assistance and accessory exercises geared toward building muscles that support the main lift.

A “raw” powerlifting competition will only allow you to use a few items of supportive gear, such as a weight belt and knee sleeves.

An “equipped” powerlifting meet, on the other hand, allows you to use more supportive gear like squat briefs and bench shirts.

“It depends on your coach and the style of programming,” says C. Murphy, owner of Total Performance Sports, creator of TPS Method for Powerlifting, and a former national powerlifting champion.