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Outlook address book not updating blackberry

outlook address book not updating blackberry-34

You’ll have to rename them all to or, in the case of Outlook 2010 or Outlook 2013, rename the folder containing the oab-files to to reset the local Offline Address Book.

When you update an Offline Address Book on the Exchange server via the Exchange Management Console or the Exchange Management Shell, one would suspect that updating the Outlook client after that would directly get you this fully up-to-date copy. After the OAB gets updated on Exchange, it still needs to distributed to the web services first, even in a single server environment.In that case the whole OAB is being downloaded again.In a later section, it is explained how to modify this.It helps to query the address book when you are not connect to the network. lets understand how the OAB is generated, synchronized and available for distribution for the outlook users. One Mailbox Server in the Organization is identified as OAB Generation Server.This is first mailbox server in the organization or any mailbox server assigned with the OAB generation role during the later stage. OABGen service running on the mailbox server helps to generate ,creates and updates OAB files.This is called the Offline Address Book and is being generated on the Exchange server.

Due to various synching schedules, it can take up to 48 hours before you could actually see a change in Outlook after a modification has been made on the Exchange server or in Active Directory.

This allows you to abort the update process when you are for instance on a slow or expensive connection.

Key: Note: As Outlook 2010 an Outlook 2013 can connect to multiple Exchange servers in a single mail profile, there is an additional “Offline Address Books” subdirectory which contains folders with GUID references which contain the actual oab-files.

For instance, setting the value to 4 will trigger a full download when the incremental update is larger than one-fourth the size of the full OAB.

When the value is set to 0, Outlook will use 16 to prevent a “divide by 0” error.

The solution approach is to use Client Access Server role with web based distribution. On the Client Access Role server, a virtual directory called OAB runs with in the default web site. Once the complete OAB data is copied then if there is any update then only that data is synchronized with CAS server.