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Outlook 2016 cached mode address book not updating

outlook 2016 cached mode address book not updating-80

However, synchronization of the shadow copy between organization mailboxes is performed on-demand.Here's how it works: In Exchange 2010, moving OAB generation to another server required you to specify a different generation server in the properties of the OAB.

By default, this organization mailbox is responsible for generating all OABs (the first OAB named Default Offline Address Book, and any new OABs that you create).To learn more about address lists, see Address lists in Exchange Server.OAB generation is controlled by the mailbox assistant named OABGenerator Assistant that runs under the Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Assistants service.Clients never connect directly to this backend location.Client requests for the OAB are proxied by the Client Access (frontend) services on a Mailbox server to this backend location.The OAB files are generated and stored in the designated organization mailbox, so the destination for OAB download requests is the Mailbox server that holds the active copy of the organization mailbox.

The OAB files are copied from the organization mailbox to for retrieval by clients.

By default, a new installation of Exchange creates an OAB named Default Offline Address Book on the server.

This OAB is also the default OAB, which means it's the OAB that's used by mailboxes and mailbox databases that don't have an OAB assigned to them.

You'll need to manually configure the external URL that's used to distribute OABs to external clients.

For more information, see Step 4: Configure external URLs in Configure mail flow and client access on Exchange servers.

The IIS virtual directory that's used for client access to OABs is located in the default web site in the Client Access (frontend) services on the Mailbox server, and is named OAB (Default Web Site).