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300 high priests served over 420 years, most served less than a year.They became refugees in the surrounding nations and their status has been unresolved since.

Within Israel, the Palestinians are concentrated in east Jerusalem, the Gaza strip and the West Bank.This temple actually existed in two phases according to the Jews.It served for 39-40 years in the desert and 14 years in the Promised Land in Gilgal.Assyrian Captivity of the Northern Kingdom (721 BC or 722 BCE).Hadrian exiles Jews from Jerusalem and renames it Aelia Capitolina.Since the Ottoman empire was aligned with Germany, it encouraged the Arabs to revolt in June 1916 and promised them independence and sovereign unity as a nation without an independent Jewish state.

While promising the Arabs independence, France and Britain were planning to place the region under their own jurisdiction.

It is supposed to be the spot where Muhammad made a night ride on a white stallion to heaven with the angel Gabriel.

One wonders if the Europeans believed that the Palestinians and Arabs would provide the "final solution".

When the land was no longer productive, it was simply abandoned and another land was registered for use.

There was a secret agreement between Britain, France and Russia to divide the areas of the Ottoman Empire after the eventual defeat of the Turks.

A stone structure of the same dimensions replaced the wood, but it used the same furniture and roof for 369 years.