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Older lesbian dating younger woman

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By Michael Kimmel In my psychotherapy practice, I often assist lesbian couples where one of the women is significantly older than her partner.Last month, one of these women asked me, “Why don’t you write a column about age differences in lesbian relationships and how to handle them?

Take a look at the above lists: Do you see yourself in any of them?If you are just entering the most productive time of your career and your partner is ready to retire, how do you both manage those differences?In my experience, younger/older couples also experience more social disapproval of their relationships than similarly-aged couples do.” Yesterday, a gay male couple I counsel, where one of the men is quite a bit younger than his partner, made a similar request, “It would be great if you would write a column about older men with younger men and give us some advice.” Okay, good people, I’m listening. Over the years, I have seen dozens of LGBT couples where one person in the couple is significantly older than the other.While all couples have to navigate questions of shared interests and preferences, younger/older partners sometimes experience this more than others.Money is a big factor here; older people usually have more money, and — as a result — have a lot more power in the relationship. If your partner is just a trophy to show off to your friends and coworkers, you’re heading for trouble.

On the other hand, if you’ve met someone much older or younger, you’ve gotten to know each other, and over time, have openly shared your expectations, where you currently are in life, and even your goals for the future, you could be in for a great experience.

They do not frequent bars for pick ups, hook ups or anything other than a drink and some company with their girl friends.

They do not hide their ages or their attitudes and are impatient with obvious come ons.

Age is often a factor determining preferred leisure activities, how to spend money and other important decisions.

For instance, if you’ve long passed your “club/bar/nightlife” days and your lover hasn’t, this could be challenging for both of you.

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