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The two chatted until defendant was outside baywatch142000's parent's apartment, at which point defendant asked baywatch142000 to come to the door.

I was hoping for a good time, maybe involving sex or just cuddling. I have chatted with young girls before, but I have never arranged to meet them. In determining whether a defendant is entitled to a jury instruction on entrapment, the trial court must view the evidence in the light most favorable to the defendant. Defendant initially suggested a hotel “with one bed not two.” At one point in the conversation, baywatch142000 commented, “me bein 14 ․ probably wouldnt be good idea to take me back to base․ What u think? So your house would be the best right if your parents go right.” Later in their chat, defendant asked baywatch142000 if she had pubic hair. Baywatch142000 indicated that she did, then told defendant that she was inexperienced and looking for an older “friend.” Defendant responded that she could practice by doing sexual favors for him and asked her to promise that she would give him her virginity. The acts may have been touching each others genitals and/or even full on sexual intercourse. But again, I admit I was the one chatting with the 14 year old girl․Subsequent to defendant's arrest, deputies obtained a search warrant to search defendant's residence. A detective examined defendant's computer, external hard drive, and digital camera card. We note that this is a two-step test and the absence of one element does not afford the defendant the luxury of availing himself of the affirmative defense of entrapment.

The officers did not locate any child pornography or other evidence that defendant had previously chatted online with a minor.

The photograph used for baywatch142000's profile was actually a photograph of Deputy Luther, a female employee of the Guilford County Sheriff's Department, who was twenty-two years old at the time the photo was taken.

Deputy Luther also served as the decoy who answered the door of the apartment.

From defendant's statements, Detective Eaton drafted two non-verbatim written confessions, which defendant then reviewed and signed.

The written confessions provided in part: It was during this first chat that she told me she was 14 years old, and lived in Greensboro.

The reporter asked defendant why he would engage in such sexually explicit chats with someone he believed to be fourteen years old and then drive to meet that person, believing that her parents were out of town.