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Nick grimshaw dating henry holland

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We were set loose in a children’s play centre after hours so we could READ MORE It’s been a long time coming, but I’m super excited to say that Charlotte de Carle and I have started DJ’ing regularly under the name Biter Sweet.

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Could his wild jaunt to Istanbul during the previous days have anything to do with it, we wonder?But despite bringing the BBC the lowest Radio 1 listenership since 2003, Grimshaw is in hot demand.He's currently the subject of strong rumours to take over from X Factor judge Louis Walsh – placing him at the centre of a tussle between ITV and the Beeb – and is the favourite to front Channel 4's TFI Friday comeback.As a result, as few people listen to Radio 1 now as they did in 2003, when then-Breakfast Show host Sara Cox was fired for the plummeting figures. Grimshaw, with his camp, dapper appeal and self-deprecating wit, was brought in to fend off the tide of over-25 listeners who had followed Chris Moyles throughout his beery, bratty stint on the show.As the younger DJ said shortly after his takeover in 2012, "We've been told the overall figures don't matter as much as whether younger people are listening." And they are: if you include listeners aged between 10 and 14, which RAJAH don't, then Radio 1's listenership is a healthy 10.57 million. That's still open for debate, but the Breakfast Show is no longer tarred with the accusations of sexism and homophobia that arose when Moyles was presenting – not least because Grimshaw is openly gay after publicly coming out in August 2012.Combining some of our favourite chart tracks from the noughties to present day, we’ve included so many incredible tunes (if we do say READ MORE Today possibly the most exciting thing ever happened: I got to go to the actual set of Hollyoaks and host their Facebook Live!

Whether you’re still a fan of Hollyoaks, or like me, you grew up on Hollyoaks, can you READ MORE I’m so excited to say that I have been shortlisted for a prestigious IARA award for Best UK FM / Radio DJ!

Fashion designer Henry Holland, fellow Mancunian and model Agyness Deyn and socialite Pixie Geldof swiftly became his contemporaries, and all of them would socialise at the Hawley Arms – the preferred drinking hole of Amy Winehouse.

The BBC spotted him when he was DJing at the ill-fated pub, which suffered in the Camden fire of 2008 and marked the moving East of a scene in the process, and Grimshaw was offered the Switch gig.

It was so cool to bring my blend of chart, READ MORE On Thursday (25th February) and Friday (26th February) I made my debut co-hosting Xposé on Irish TV channel TV3.

Xposé is an hour long program that bring the latest celebrity, fashion and beauty news and airs every weekday at 6pm, READ MORE I’ve teamed up with PETA again to remind the holiday shopping crowd that there’s nothing fashionable about wearing animals’ skin.

In interviews before then he discussed his love life in heterosexual terms.