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Msi updating bios file not found

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When your product is displayed, click the “Download” button.You’ll be taken to a menu of available updates for your BIOS, drivers, and utilities – make sure you’re on the BIOS tab, and download the latest available BIOS update.

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If you followed this method successfully, skip to the Troubleshooting section of this guide to address any potential errors.Now that you know the ID you use it to find out whether BIOS updates are available.Either visit the manufacturer's website directly or use search terms such as ID BIOS update to find specific support and download pages directly. The MSI support page serves as an example for the remaining procedure. MSI has not released an updated BIOS, yet that addresses the vulnerabilities.Download the portable version of Speccy and run it after download and extraction.A 32-bit and 64-bit are provided, and motherboard information is displayed on the start screen of the application directly.The screenshot above shows the name of the motherboard (MSI Z170a Gaming Pro Carbon) and the ID (MS-7a12).

It is the ID that you need when you search for BIOS updates.

Here is the rough outline if steps when it comes to BIOS updates.

You have a couple of options to identify the motherboard.

When you click download, you’ll receive an archived file containing the BIOS update. You can either: If you get an error message that the USB does not contain any files for updating, you did not copy them correctly to the USB.

Make sure the files are inside the root directory of the USB storage by themselves, not inside a folder.

The recently discovered Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities can only be patched fully with BIOS updates.