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for twenty-one years, Frazier wrote feature articles, humorous sketches, and was a frequent contributor to the magazine's "Talk of the Town" section.In 1982, he left Manhattan for Montana, where he began the research for (2005) is a collection of essays about his relationship with the city itself.

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I came to page 99, the last paragraph of Sandy's essay titled "A Lovely Sort of Lower Purpose." I read, then re-read, then re-read again these words: "A plan will claim the empty acres Ö The place's possibilities, which at the moment are approximately infinite, will be reduced to merely a few." I stopped. That night, and every day since, Sandy's words have been a presence in my mind - a tension, a reminder, a push to lay myself bare.

He inspired me to continually seek out that site we have taken to call the Third River - the sort of out-of-the-way, unlikely American place that one only really sees when one is paying special attention.

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"I wanted to point out what we have that's different, but how below that, we know many of the same things," Frazier has said of It was 2 AM, two Fridays ago, and I was lying supine in bed in my West Philly apartment. His words were pushing me to ensure that my own plans - for next month, for next year, for the rest of my life - would never erase those crucial places where wandering without a purpose is not just ok, but necessary; where asking myself "what are you doing? I got out of bed, put on a sweatshirt, and took a walk down Walnut Street to the edge of campus, above the Schuylkill and beside the ice rink. I had never been challenged so directly by a writer.