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In addition to physical expansion, Brandeis is broadening its undergraduate and postgraduate curricula to include opportunities for learning that extend the ages of our students and the hours and modes of attendance.This issue includes an article about our Rabb School of Summer and Continuing Studies to further expand your knowledge of the University. Carol Saivetz '69 Elaine Wong Unsolicited manuscripts are welcomed by the editor Submissions must be accompanied by a stamped, sell-addressed envelope or the flewewwill not return the manus'iript.

Also planned is the Abraham Shapiro Academic Center, made possible by a generous gift from Trustee Robert Shapiro '52 and his wife, Valya, that will thoroughly renovate the American Jewish Historical Society building acquired by the University this summer, providing much needed office, seminar, and classroom space.Now, in this first decade of the new century, with the addition of the Lois Foster Wing, we have significantly increased the size and influence of the Rose Art Museum. and Sandra Fineberg that will allow important renovation of the Rose's upper gallery, further enhancing the Museum's renown.We have just completed construction of the Carl and Ruth Shapiro Campus Center, a cutting-edge architectural achievement with great potential for enriching student life and enhancing the sense of community for the entire University.Massachusetts 02454-9110 781-736-4220 email: Review'8'Classf Jotes® alumni Postmaster: Send address changes to Brandeis University Brandeis Review Mailstop 064 PC, Box 549110 Waltham, Massachusetts 02454-9110 Opinions expressed in the Brandeis Review are those of the authors and not necessarily of the Editor or Brandeis University.Office of Publications ©2002 Brandeis University Printed on recycled paper Brandeis Review. '73 Photography by Mike Lovett A conversation with the architect 24 A Class Act .Articles in this issue, including a talk with the architect, will familiarize you with the new Campus Center.

Ground has recently been broken for two additional construction projects scheduled for completion in fall 2003: a 220-bed residence hall just off South Street near the Slosberg Music Center and an addition to the Graduate School of International Economics and Finance that will be called the Lemberg Academic Center.

Not since its earliest years have we undertaken so much new construction with the potential for such fundamental transformation of the University.

,^fiiliy n"n- Nf Readn Brandeis is currently experiencing a Renaissance of sorts.

A Newton, Massachusetts, chess player who competed in his first scholastic tournament when he was 6 and IS now ranked among the top five players in his age group in the country. He is also a martial artist, who, at age 12, became the first person in the Northeast to be awarded a junior black belt by the International Uechi-Ryu Karate Federation.

Deja Vu All Over Again Brandeis Scientists Target tiny junctions that allow Key Molecules brain cells or neurons to Involved in Memory communicate.

Even withm our history of steady and constant progress, we are experiencing a growth spurt. '72 President Brandeis Review Editor Clid Hauptman '69, M F A 73 Assistant Editor Audrey Grifiin Editorial Assistant Veronica Blacquier Alumni Editor. Gup '72 Lisa Berman Hills '82 Michael Kalafatas '65 Karen Klein Laurie Ledeen '83 Donald Lessem '73 Peter L. The Brandeis Review a\so welcomes letters from readers Those selected may be edited for brevity and style.