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She knew her eyes were strange, she’d been told so all her life. Her complexion was smooth, milky white, soft and unblemished, made to seem paler then it actually was by the shock of jet black hair that fell in soft tight curls half way down her back.

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“Hi Carla.” Jasmyne replied, and walked behind the counter and into the back room. “There was a gorgeous guy in here earlier asking if you were working tonight…I told him what time you would be coming in, I hope that’s ok.” “Gorgeous guy? He said his name was Michael.” “I don’t know any Michaels.” Jasmyne shrugged. “Well this is one Michael I wish I knew.” Carla said, pouring herself a Pepsi from the soda machine.Jasmyne looked up and her breath caught in her throat.He was very tall, at least 6 foot 4….maybe even 6 foot 5.It was a short walk to the café, which was right across the street from the college.“Hi Jasmyne.” Jasmyne smiled at Carla as she entered the café, noting there was very little business for a Thursday night….maybe it would pick up later.In a matter of an hour she had completed all of her assigned cleaning tasks, and sat down on a stool behind the counter, her physics text book open in front of her.

Carla was in the back chatting on the phone to her boyfriend, and the elderly couple had left, replaced by a group of four students, who were quietly studying together and chatting.

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Here she put on her little apron, and put her bag in the staff room. “It’s dead tonight.” She said, flopping down on one of the chairs. Jasmyne grinned at her friend and looked around the café.

A lone male sat near the back, his head down and eyes focused on a text book, and an older couple sat near the front windows, talking quietly. Smoothing her hands over her apron, she gave a mental shrug…all the better really though it would mean less tips tonight.

She wasn’t oblivious to her looks, not entirely, a lot of guys asked her out on dates, and she felt she was pretty, but no supermodel by any stretch of the imagination.