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Here expats have settled on the green hills rising from the lakeshore. Restaurants, art galleries, cafés, and more line the narrow two-land road that hugs the lakeshore.The lake itself, all 33 square miles, is virtually free of boat traffic (although if you have a boat there are several small marinas and boat ramps available to you). There is a growing and active expat community here.

Beach towns here offer plenty of amenities, like restaurants (from high-end to casual), medical and dental care, high-speed internet, and more. And this is the sunniest region in the country and receives the least rainfall.And the views of the surrounding mountains, valleys, coffee plantations, and picturesque villages are to die for.Expats in the Valley enjoy going to art galleries, handicraft shops, boutiques, bars, restaurants, concerts, and friendly outdoor markets.Whether you choose to live in Costa Rica full- or part-time, you will relish the ideal climate, safety and security, neighborly atmosphere, welcoming attitude of the locals, low cost of living, low-cost and high-quality healthcare, stable democracy, bargain real estate—whether you rent or buy, and countless ways to have fun.Costa Rica is a stable and safe country with good infrastructure.Earth Cam has teamed up with My Playa Grande to deliver spectacular live views of Playa Grande, Costa Rica.

Located in Las Baulas National Park, it is one of the largest nesting sites for leatherback sea turtles.

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The Caribbean coast is where tropical rainforests extend to the white-sand beaches, offering unique opportunities for surfing, sport fishing, and getting a close-up look at nature.

It’s also one of the least developed and most laid-back areas of the country.

And a typical couple can fill their fridge for the week for about $30.