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Instant bi chat without signing up

Instant bi chat without signing up-52

The below is a list of the best live chat softwares identified by Accu Web thru ongoing exhaustive analysis.

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For your business, this is often a very low-cost solution to providing excellent customer service.Free system that lets you chat and monitor the sessions.Fast, reliable, and easy to use with unlimited agents.Agents’ photos in the chat allow visitors to feel more connected that increases the conversion rate. Allows to track the online visitors and send them messages proactively.Moreover, you can see what visitors are typing before they send the message.Live Chat Inc is among one of the best live chat software that we’ve seen.

It includes agent’s monitoring, foreign language support, and excellent customization tools.

It also captures and stores all of your visitor information with unlimited contacts.

Integrates seamlessly with social media other e-com services.

Unlike some of the others, this is a hosted solution.

This assures you greater access to a wealth of functions.

Their API support gives your developers extra tools.