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Insfficient key column information for updating or refreshing

Open "[Needs]", ado Combos Need = cbo Needs Need2 = cbo Need2Do Until ado RS5.

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Close Set ado Rec = Nothing Set ado RS4 = Nothing Set ado RS5 = Nothing End Sub Just thought I would pass that a long, I hope this helps someone. I agree with the default properties and use of a banger. Field obeject variable is also one point I mentioned which is faster when accessing multiple properties and methods of a field (or whatever). Resync new records won't be visible but that doesn't explain the error. Active Connection = Nothing 'disconnect recordset End With -- Thanks, David Satz Principal Software Engineer Hyperion Solutions (using VB6 SP3/MTS/SQL Server 6.5 SP5a) (Please respond to the newsgroup.) According to the description of .I am building an Application form and a few of the combo options that apply to the applicant also apply to the spouse (ie. So I figured what the HEY since they are coming from the same table I'll load the Applicants combo and the Spouse's all at the same time. As proof of my dum-dum move here is the code: Public Sub Load Combos()Dim ado Combo As ADODB. OLEDB.4.0;" _ & "Data source= C:\VB Practice\z GDS_Data_V6_1_2k.mdb" 'LOAD PROGRAM CODESado Combo. Open "[Program Codes]", ado Combos Code = cbo Pgm Code Do Until ado Rec. Maybe my code failed to work because I used a different provider (ie. Thanks Trudye I tried everything I can think of to get over, around and through this error but it won't go away.

Close Set rs = Nothing Set conn = Nothingall you have to do is change the connection string to your Northwind database. s Code = cbo Pgm Codecbo Pgm Code = s Codes Elig = cbo Eligibilitys Elig2 = cbo Elig2 'cbo Eligibility = s Eligcbo Elig2 = s Elig2s Need = cbo Needs Need2 = cbo Need2cbo Need = s Needcbo Need2 = s Need2 Hi Semper: Thanks for responding. After I get everything working I am going to change the sequence so that the combo's get loaded first and then the data.

I was loading combo boxes which I learned how to do on Tek Tips thank you very much. Recordset Dim con String As String Dim s Code As String Dim s Elig As String Dim s Elig2 As String Dim s Need As String Dim s Need2 As String Set ado Combo = New ADODB.

Well I decided to get fancy and try and load two combos at once.

User ID End With ' By the time we reach this line, rs("OBJECT_ID") is Null. Update ' This line causes the error, with or without the ad Affect Current parameter. Resync ad Affect Current ' Wrong number :-( b = rs("OBJECT_ID"). Uri I have seen this error when using an SP to fill a recordset that has a JOIN in it and name setting the "Unique Table" property: Set rs Data = New ADODB. Cursor Location = ad Use Client ' for updateable data only With . I have made sure to to keep the column names different...

This is the error: Run-time error '-2147467259 (80004005)': Insufficient key column information for updating or refreshing. It happens when the recordset is based on tables where the Primary Key of one table has the same name as a column name of the other table.

However, since ADO likes to change your recordset properties with no notification at all you might step through your code and make sure that it is still a clientside keyset after the Insufficient key column information for updating or refreshing.