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"Did you hear they released the i Phone SDK," she asks one music fan. "That's just letters." Good, geek-deprecating stuff. He seems to be extending it to the "Three Musketeers" — Julia Allison, Meghan Asha and Mary Rambin — for an all-expense paid trip to Pittsburgh and the Bahamas on the private jet of inveterate gambler Jeff Tott, who sits on Pittsburgh Financial's board of directors.Presumably they would want to explore "birthday poke, but good luck getting a friend request in. Not only will it get her lip-synching to Randi Jayne "Yes, Mark of Facebook's sister" Zuckerberg's vocals.

As is often the case when two are competing for the attention of one woman, neither suitor ever really wins.Not the unprepossessing and socially inept Justin Kan of, with whom she's often jokingly linked, but Justin Fishner-Wolfson, a venture-capital associate at Peter Thiel's Founders Fund.The two make an adorable couple, our tipster says, especially because they see eye to eye.), better known online as i Justine or IJ, is a You Tube Vlogger and Actor who was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.She has appeared on shows such as Law and Order: SVU, Level 26: Prophecy, Criminal Minds, The Bold and the Beautiful, E!Believe it or not, but pesky "real life" activities plague even our favorite You Tubers. They even let in the competition: ubiquitous Facebooker Dave Morin is pictured here with i Justine, aka Justine Ezarik, the lifecasting personality, and, as commenter Bowen Dunlop Justine Ezarik is a pretty blond girl who calls herself "i Justine" and gets hundreds of thousands of hits on her You Tube videos of her doing completely irrelevant bullshit like shopping or telling boring stories to the camera, because of the fact that young men will generally watch pretty blond girls do anything, which then makes said girl popular, which then attracts young female viewers, who will watch popular girls do anything.

We assumed they only lived in my computer merely for our own personal entertainment, too. Mindless lemmings drawn to reflections of our own vapid selves, we all are.

She usually promotes the products directly and also goes for indirect promotion by strategically placing them in her videos.

She has also done endorsement work for the following brands In 2015, she made her theatrical film debut in the comedy movie, The Wedding Ringer, which starred Kaley Cuoco and Kevin Hart in lead roles.i Justine made her first TV show appearance, in 2009 as A. Dunne, in the i Justine relies on an active lifestyle to keep herself fit.

When it comes to her diet, i Justine believes in the benefits of a healthy breakfast.

She loves having toast, eggs, and fruits for breakfast.

My Space attempted to feign bubbliness last night with a Lionel Richie-headlined party at San Francisco's Old Mint.