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How to stop cpanellogd updating bandwidth

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Other notable /var/cpanel directories ——————————– ● LOGS – This directory contains logs from account copies/transfers.

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Run the following command :- # ls -al -SR | head -10 — It will list 10 files in the decreasing order according to their size If the domlog file is too large for a domain then it is possible that awstats is not running . Remove old and unwanted backups of ‘apache’ that might have been taken long ago. Normally, some core files (like core.1234) might be present in /usr/local/cpanel/whostmgr/docroot . Keep in mind if there is a hard drive error this can leave the server offline while the system or admin tuns a FSDK.You can clean up all unneeded yum files by running: yum clean all 4.Remove pure-ftp partials When your users upload files to the server via FTP when your server runs pure FTP as an FTP daemon, the FTP server creates temporary files starting with .pureftpd-upload* that get renamed the the actual filename when the upload completes.Get into the directory /usr/local/cpanel/base and check if any file as ‘awstats.conf’ exists. So a couple quick folder moves and symlinks can clean things up.This is assuming you have a /backup partition and some room in it. Moving the log folder mv /var/log /backup/ ln -s /backup/log /var/log 2.● Handles and dispatches all requests made through the c Panel, WHM, and Webmail interfaces.

● Logs to access_log and error_log cpsrvd and stunnel relationship ————————— CPSRVD–2082– Edit Privileges/Nameservers – Privileges are stored in /var/cpanel/resellers c Panel Services ————– ● CPSRVD ● CHKSERVD ● CPANELLOGD ● CPBACKUP ● EXIMSTATS Service Monitoring —————- ● Located at /usr/local/cpanel/libexec/chkservd ● chkservd is a scalable connection and process based service monitoring tool ● Provides monitoring of CPU, Memory, and Disk usage ● chkservd scans services once every eight minutes – Logs to /var/log/● Alerts are dispatched to server contact defined in Basic c Panel/WHM Setup chkservd Configuration ——————– ● Monitored services are determined by values stored in / etc/chkserv.d/

Excessively large log files can and typically will take a long time to complete.

– Additionally, if RRDtool is not installed, bandwidth parsing performance will drop signifigantly.

/var/cpanel/———————— Contains a list of accounting functions performed through WHM, including account removal and creation.

/var/cpanel/bandwidth ——————– ● Files contain a list of the bandwidth history for each account. ● History files are stored in human-readable format, while actual bandwidth data are stored in round robin databases.

● RRDtool can be installed by executing `/scripts/rrdtoolinstall` Log Processing ————- ● Statistics are parsed for each child domain of the given account.